Dengue Fever

In Aedes mosquitoes, That transcend their larvae, Is a virus that rests deadly in pathology.  Just an injection that traverses skin, And saliva that is injected through a tiny aperture, And a man, whose immunity Becomes a scapegoat, the antibodies that are supposed To save, scheme again him, as he lacerates pints of blood. The…


On top of Golgotha, In that grotesque skull mountain, was a man, Who rejected divinity and made himself available for a sacrifice.  And in that somber view, you can see two thieves on either side And a man, who could not leave behind a bigger legacy. His bearded 33 year old face, now embellishing millions…


This Saturday we are having a day Of clearing the surroundings at the workplace. To clear the front and backyards To make the zone dengue-free. Still dengue is everywhere you look, On a sickly face in the hospital, The obituary in the newspaper, And even the dengue awareness posters Glued on every corner in town….

Dengue Fever

Looking at the dengue patient On a hospital bed, loved ones Hovering around like droning bees, A glass of water ready to rehydrate And a pair of rubber slippers missing The feel of life. Just a kilometer Away, a mosquito buzzes around A little child, searching for the feel Of skin, to indulge in a…

Dengue Fields

In a breathtaking universe Of butterfly wings and dragon fly eyes Lies the buzz of vampire mosquitoes Where crossroads paved with mortal dreams Are now littered with tombstones And once where there was the noise of life Is doomed by the silence of prayer