A Sri Lankan Obituary (Humor Poem)

Lalith died of complications of the lung Pneumonia they call it. Haemophilus pneumoniae And water in the lungs. He inhaled sooty smog And air conditioned with Legionella He ate koththu roti with Staphylococci and cockroach droppings, He kissed with Herpes and made love with a strain of Gonorrhea He ate MSG filled Chinese for all … Continue reading A Sri Lankan Obituary (Humor Poem)

An Ambulance Driver in San Francisco.

How an ambulance driver Speeds past the traffic, in the incoming Lane, no care in the world for the traffic.  The man, whose heart is giving way, His priority No 1. How the roads are now filled With the last great hope, an ambulance, Where so many, see their last ray of light Their last … Continue reading An Ambulance Driver in San Francisco.


Mother Mary, holding on to her son, Learning that grief is just Love lapsing a life of a loved one,  And that bond between mother and son, It ignites a flammable flame, How grief will burn and subside On the periphery, while love Will remain occupied at the center, How the child will never cease, … Continue reading Pieta

In Memory of Sandy Hook (To The Innocent Lives Lost)

Gunshots wounding innocence, When there is a prize to pay for freedom, Like a culture splattered by ballistics, And modern-day cowboys, who kill Unguarded lives, who play on sandpits Or go down mat slides, or even fly kites, The ones who are wronged by the advent of age, To know there is a merciless world … Continue reading In Memory of Sandy Hook (To The Innocent Lives Lost)


There is nothing more subjective than god. Some people carry him in their pockets, Some on their tongue, Some on their back, While other they camouflage god Inside profanities, And still god, he creeps through Cracks in your system, Beautifying that strange sanctum Called the soul, with bullet Proof walls. God is just Weatherproofing tomorrow … Continue reading God

A Homily

Sonnet of the saint of saints Crumbles me. My conscience in defeat Raises a while flag. How much suffering Should one go through whipped from the outside. And still you wonder, the thorn crown What if it was on the inside. Some people too carry their own crosses. Life is not a wine cellar, only … Continue reading A Homily

After Death

Invariably we are ashes And then dust, which when sprinkled In the ocean, become bioluminescent Dinoflagellates and blown in the air Becomes starry constellations And when kept in an urn on a fireplace, Becomes a purgatory of sorts Reminding why we were in love The first place, and why that ineffaceable Smudge, torments us, like … Continue reading After Death

Suicide Watch

You dance The waltz of living Circling around the same perimeter, Work and back, The same Chinese restaurant, Hoping to god, that you’re don’t Have a lengthy span in this Forsaken world. You search for a panacea In a poem breathing out life, In some weed stoning you, In some Scotch Whiskey, That gives you … Continue reading Suicide Watch


What am I afraid of; Hmmm A spider, heights, spiral staircases And strangers entering my home. Yet what I fear the most is the my obituary, Printed on a local paper, proving That Murphy’s Law is accurate as ever, And Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, Which could now perhaps stutter a little, At pronouncing me as dead … Continue reading Obituary