A Tribute to My Dad on Father’s Day

I let my dad kiss me on the cheek. As I gave him a brand new Titan watch. He looked At the divisions on the face All in Roman Numerals, A reminder that he was from another, Time and universe. We had fried chicken for lunch. Home-made KFC which I saw him eat eagerly. I … Continue reading A Tribute to My Dad on Father’s Day

Ode to My Father, The Yeti

Snow capped mountains, tree line Hiding creature of myth. There’s always those big steps of a Yeti, The shoes in size 14s, of my dad to fill, The abominable snowman, Is just that wonderful man I see everyday, Who spent 22 years with the United Nations, Whose shoes walked the long mile, At the bureau. … Continue reading Ode to My Father, The Yeti

Being A Dad

You, who took me for a ride on a reverie. Oh the stork, I wish for, flying Through a mucus plug and an opening, To deliver a bundle, who will be A joy, that is bound to be unheralded. Nativity, is just a little Bethlehem, In a nursing home, waiting impatiently For a moment that … Continue reading Being A Dad

The Hair Wars

Father’s Day is a farce. Its that time of the month That on a Sunday, you go to your parents house With a cake and cut one mouthwatering slice To reflect on the years gone by. My dad always had a blueprint For life, he always saw the unlocked gate Or the un-padlocked bag with … Continue reading The Hair Wars


My father sets traps to catch Mice that encroach on the kitchen. His favorite trick is to put a little piece of coconut Inside the framed trap. The mice Seem voracious for such a treat. And I have seen him win some battles And lose some. The trap would spring Sometimes, without the mouse inside … Continue reading Mousetrap

Tributes to Mom and Dad

A Tribute to My Mom You don’t remember climbing out Of a drainage tube. You don’t even recall every birthday cake She made, staying up all night. You have no idea how she put you to sleep Singing a lullaby that she learnt from her own mother. And yet you remember, every passing second of … Continue reading Tributes to Mom and Dad

Dad (For Father’s Day)

A hero unsung in lip Unsuckled in breast Unpreserved in womb The winner of loaves In the currency of dough Feeding love-crumbs An unconditional donor Of what is immeasurable In sweat-dew's worth Despite the condition Of being always Anatomically-unbridged The perennial biological pariah Who will linger in silence and shade As love’s messiah