Ode to Muthiah Muralitharan

We don’t deep fry our crickets like in parts of Vietnam, we Make men with defective joints, Into a fanfare, a circus. How 800 test Scalps, is no small feat, As a smiling assassin, surpasses Crazy Horse, in counts and statistics. Cricket, needed a universal hero And that man who owned A Jam factory, made … Continue reading Ode to Muthiah Muralitharan

Bangers and Mash

Sausages curled with foreskin ends, And mashed potato, slimy yet solid, While a cricket mad nation goes to the pub for Some bangers and mash, While watching an IPL match, That happens hundreds Of miles away. Priyanka Chopra Come on screen, supporting a charity, As there are whistles In the pub, dirty old British Men, … Continue reading Bangers and Mash

Cricket Jokes (some are lame – admitted) – A BOOK I was WRITING in 2012

Why did the horny playboy call the Australian cricket manager ? B’cos he was after a couple of hussies What would you call Tony Greig bowling a maiden over ? A comb over What is latest turf popular in the cricketing fraternity ? Hair Transplants, just ask Ponting, Bollinger or Kallis What is the official … Continue reading Cricket Jokes (some are lame – admitted) – A BOOK I was WRITING in 2012

Watching A Cricket Match

If you’re Sri Lankan, one of the thrills in your life Is to watch a match of cricket on TV, Especially when it’s a little shortened And all the players are wearing colored clothes. You sit in front with a mixture packet (little assortment of nuts and fried flour) And a bottle of coke beside … Continue reading Watching A Cricket Match

Cricket Dreams

A lottery would be A little scratch pad that rustles something inside And that old man with the ticket Was like a school yard kid on a piece of turf Playing cricket. And that kid too had a lottery In his palm. A little bat that would unlock a little treasure On a bare patch … Continue reading Cricket Dreams

A Day at Home

University closed Stuck to the bed, like an invalid Typing word after word in mind, a blade’s worth Of poetic incision, the psyche is bored Like a blank A4 sheet and a broken Type writer and the body needs a shake Missing my wife’s tectonic plate That causes tsunamis inside battlegrounds Of chemical garrisons, when … Continue reading A Day at Home


Sometimes Tanned skin, combed hair From wrist to elbow and ankle to pubis Even a healthy dose of testosterone Does not make you a south Asian Just a googly tradesman from the orient Under the watchful eye of throngs After all you can become a Chinaman Even if you don’t possess Oriental eyes, clean jawbones … Continue reading Chinaman


The love of the game Surpasses every affinity Even the love of self When in that skull helmet and groin armory Is the preserver of making thought And making love…. In the transcendence of a sport When both the processor bearing the third eye And appreciator of soul mate through twin portals Are mere dartboards … Continue reading Cricket

Botany Of Cricket

Recently, the 2015 world cup of cricket ended with Australia coming out on top as the eventual winners beating New Zealand convincingly in the final held in Melbourne, Australia. Although cricket is a game, there is a strong and unbreakable bond between cricket and botany, since whether it is cricket bats  and balls, or the … Continue reading Botany Of Cricket