There are ombudsmen such As God, who look at all the works Carried against you and gives You a lone hand to be the power of one, In a world that schemes against the good In traffic that is congested and deeper than face value And Judas, is not just that cheek, The cold kiss, … Continue reading Conscience


(The Following Image was sketched by my wife. Credits and copyright belongs to Michelle-Alexander Gunawardana) Have you heard of the repercussions Of Climate Change? They say there were Blue Whales Stranded on clear white sands and pubescent children Bathing their mammoth bodies with buckets of water. And there was nothing to salvage. It was a … Continue reading Guilt


The Papal fairytale From Boca Junior to Papacy The supposed shepherd of the church A street fighter of social justice Rests as aloof of common man As Nero was, with the fiddle in his hand No chamber or secret room in the Vatican Can ever relegate a chamber in the human heart To the worthlessness … Continue reading Conscience

The Road Trip To Habarana

My wife and I, we got up just as the rooster Was screaming out “dawn is here” in cockerel tongue It sounded to us like “Cock-a-doodle-doo” And we did doodle a little in thought At the long drive to Habarana But made up our minds early To drive by 6 AM. And that journey through … Continue reading The Road Trip To Habarana

Truth and Lies, Feces and Words

The only truth that leaves the human body Is digested food and throngs of bacteria And that they call “feces” and all the half-truths which come out Of the other end are measured, analyzed and explained In volumes of dictionaries and thesauruses And that forms the lexicon of lies After all the human existence is … Continue reading Truth and Lies, Feces and Words


Beyond convoluted labyrinths And shrouded spaces Beyond cosmic possibilities And secrets that lie deep beneath Beyond nuances and gradients of shade And aliases and their logical mimicries Beyond the long meandering road home And the frequent roadblocks Beyond the tipping point of unreason And the reigns of sensibility Beyond the sanity of the known And the … Continue reading Science