Hot Dog

I look out of the window At the icicles, the hot dog vendor and the one beggar Amassing coins. I look at the winter-colors All a ghostly white, remembering the vibrant summer time In Sri Lanka, my country of birth. The roof appears to be sinking all of a sudden, The walls come closer, asphyxiating … Continue reading Hot Dog

Await Book No 3 – “Rewiring Destiny”….and perhaps No 4

Yes, the clock is now ticking.....   My third anthology "Rewiring Destiny" should be out at some point in 2019. It has, between 80-110 poems, of which 80%, are novel ones. I no longer write solely for the blog, since I would like to put my poems out, in print.  There are free style poems, rhyming … Continue reading Await Book No 3 – “Rewiring Destiny”….and perhaps No 4

Three Poems in “The Wagon” Magazine

Three poems of mine, in a journal, published by a team in India. The poems are on, very Sri Lankan themes. I hope you will enjoy the poems. Thank you for being a wonderful audience.

If It Snowed in Colombo

What we, here in Sri Lanka, will never know Or see, or feel, and still dream of, During Christmas time, forgetting We have beautiful sunrises and sunsets And days that beautify your world, With blooming hibiscuses and carnations, And still we dream of falling snow, the little crystals, That fall just to cover the chimneys, … Continue reading If It Snowed in Colombo

Colombo 1998

I remember when there were curfews And bombs were exploding everywhere. Life was hard then, and still We played badminton in our gardens, Watched the news on TV together And talked about everything, seated On the ground or on sofas. Now we don’t have terrorists anymore, Or bombs exploding in crowded buses. We are all, … Continue reading Colombo 1998

Shit Happens in Colombo

Where VIPs have road escorts, As do the politicians; a different kind Here though, that with a blue pill, Makes everything look larger by volume. And there is nothing undemocratic here. Even the dignitaries, with Well-ironed coats and ties, walking to a cafe During the noon lunch break, Are greeted by falling cluster bombs Dropped … Continue reading Shit Happens in Colombo


Galle Face is the place to be in Sri Lanka. It’s a walkway adjacent to the beach, Filled with pineapple vendors, kite runners, Ice cream vans and pedestrians, almost in a world of their own. And just on the other side of the road, You find plush hotel lobbies filled with self-made yuppies, Who indulge … Continue reading Colombo


The years I spent Gulping down morsels of kotthu roti As a town, slowly, beefed the spring chicken Straddled with those protein-filaments That shift out with glow and bulge. Bronze, being the untimely truth. And now 20 years after Back again in the same town, I slowly munch The little pre-cooked foods my wife Pans … Continue reading Colombo