Notre Dame

How prayers that stood on tongue tips, Carving plumes of noise, as She, the lady of Paris, resists the dragons,  Looming like the sun at sunset, and still, She will rise to the heavens, unlike Babel, To prove that no man can Vanquish Notre Dame, or decimate The memory of pilgrims scattered all over this … Continue reading Notre Dame

Father Ducky and The Bible

There’s a priest nicknamed Ducky, Who one day told me to open a bible. I did so in front of him. And he read the bible and told Me to take that as a premonition, Of how my luck will turnout in life. Now I don’t read the bible anymore, A book belonging to Christianity, … Continue reading Father Ducky and The Bible


On top of Golgotha, In that grotesque skull mountain, was a man, Who rejected divinity and made himself available for a sacrifice.  And in that somber view, you can see two thieves on either side And a man, who could not leave behind a bigger legacy. His bearded 33 year old face, now embellishing millions … Continue reading Stigmata

The Two Cheeks of Catholicism

Hands together praying In assemblies of holy warriors, Crusaders no longer battling Saladin Only the roly-poly waves Of atheism, as the leverage of religion Becomes fickle, embattled to a slow strain Of gradual extinction, with traces Of a Dodo-like madness. And here in this corner of Sri Lanka There is the emergence of the charismatic … Continue reading The Two Cheeks of Catholicism


The Papal fairytale From Boca Junior to Papacy The supposed shepherd of the church A street fighter of social justice Rests as aloof of common man As Nero was, with the fiddle in his hand No chamber or secret room in the Vatican Can ever relegate a chamber in the human heart To the worthlessness … Continue reading Conscience

The Old Woman at St Mary’s Bambalapitiya

The bell chimed before midnight Lights were afloat in color, flickering In the mistral that brought along a cold front To the church goers, as they slowly Crept through the arches to the waiting choral sounds, And a lofty pine tree stood Like it was brought to life by the wonder Of the deco of … Continue reading The Old Woman at St Mary’s Bambalapitiya


Why we didn’t have sex Before marriage, was not a case Of fear of the unknown, or a stage I’m not a thespian at, it was just a wait For the sheer delight that heart-works Could usher, the body’s prayer to one day Rejoice in Hosanna And in our honeymoon We made a tempest glorious … Continue reading Honeymoon

Fools in Faith

Faith is a conduit between two parties And prayer the pidgin, the lingua franca. It is the conjecture of fluke Made more mathematically favorable When laid bare by soul. And prayer, is calling for a higher power While badass is a cry to be the central attraction. And the only difference between a pew in … Continue reading Fools in Faith