Under Mistletoe At Christmas

How nirvana means different things to people, A nicotine high, some cannabis, A little coffee to take away the cravings,  A sugar cookie at the corner shop, A meat pie from a 7/11 store Or under a mistletoe tradition. How the best part of the day, Is looking at my wife listening to Eclectic music, … Continue reading Under Mistletoe At Christmas

Haikus on Caribous

How in tens they appear, Through the ghostly woods, Shaming Walmart. Those deciduous branches, A far cry from tips of antlers. Like acorns & pine cones. How in the heart of winter, Caribous trek thick dunes of snow, Masts but no sail. Tundra in a meltdown, While the boreal shifts latitudes, As do caribous. Through … Continue reading Haikus on Caribous

Christmas Message

It is Christmas time once again. A time of nativity, humility and gifts. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who would later save us by dying on a cross, showing us how even in birth, God chose humility to symbolize what Jesus would later become, a friend to the fishermen and tax collectors, ordinary … Continue reading Christmas Message

Christmas Gift

The parsimony of gifts, is like The cheapest your gut tells you to go, When in the absence of a queasy feeling,  That nagging crawl of the gut, Telling you that the price is almost right, And still, when you look at the transaction again, There is that glimmering wrong staring at you, Of how … Continue reading Christmas Gift

A Christmas Poem

We live in a world, where shoulders crash To caress safety havens, the quenched Feel of brother or sister, in that moment You feel gravity escaping you. And still, we live for the goodness of others, The Jesus syndrome that you find in rare places Forming local infections, that twinkle Like a star on the … Continue reading A Christmas Poem

Holiday Treats

Star gazing eyes, look at the decorations, Large candy sticks along the road. And giant baubles almost like disco balls, Gently shifting to and fro in the mild wind, Harbingers everywhere, that Christmas Is near, when you pocket digs deep, In love and charity, while your heart Becomes a good chunk of gaiety, in the … Continue reading Holiday Treats


Snowy mountain tops Where abominable snowmen are found, Searching for some grub, like they would like To be invited to a Christmas feast. The timber wolves march on, In a crowded gang, while two reindeers Pull a sleigh over a chimney, while the huskies Bark like mad at the falling snow. And while this is … Continue reading Christmas


Down that noisy road in Colombo, The horns peep, while people Look around at Christmassy sights; Large candy sticks far bigger Than Barbers’ poles, and pine trees By the dozen, sold beside the main roads And one beggar child looks around From under a large festive shop sign Where the window, is sparkling, With fairy … Continue reading Christmas


Supermarkets in town, Are decorated red, green and white Regiform snowflakes everywhere you look Making the Christmas deceptively white, In this tropical country, that has never seen snow. All the while, the cashiers at supermarkets Wear Santa hats, letting goods slide on, down a counter, Almost like a conveyer belt, In Santa’s toy factory in … Continue reading Christmas