Christmas Gift

The parsimony of gifts, is like The cheapest your gut tells you to go, When in the absence of a queasy feeling,  That nagging crawl of the gut, Telling you that the price is almost right, And still, when you look at the transaction again, There is that glimmering wrong staring at you, Of how … Continue reading Christmas Gift

A Christmas Poem

We live in a world, where shoulders crash To caress safety havens, the quenched Feel of brother or sister, in that moment You feel gravity escaping you. And still, we live for the goodness of others, The Jesus syndrome that you find in rare places Forming local infections, that twinkle Like a star on the … Continue reading A Christmas Poem

A Christmas Gift

In a gift that bridges one heart to another Where spirals and tendrils of ribbon And sheaths of wrapping paper Are cross-laced in a patchwork of holly green and berry red Infusing the curious heart with an ounce of anticipation Where beyond the reciprocation of the tangibility of love In the ephermerality of season Rests … Continue reading A Christmas Gift