Playmate of feeble frames Playing on the stage of god Playing one beautiful role As a waltzing puppet of the playful wind Playing notes of a happy scale – on boyish fervor; A glow radiating from irises And a gale blowing through the heart – When the only player worthy Of her playful antics Is…

Through A Child’s Eyes

Like the eye that gazes For the thrill of discovery Concealed beneath all tender veneers And searches for mysteries In lego pieces and building blocks For there lives a perennial seeker In every child, building castles of the mind After all a juvenile is only a plank of wood Floating on vast oceans of learning…

French Fries and Mayonnaise

She is only an egg A child covered in shell Vulnerable to the brutal waves Of cascading terror. She has a heart As yellow as marigold petals As perfect as the full moon In which an embryonic ticking sound rests. She too has a body — the surrounding albumin The olive white skin That conceals…

A Lesson in Sex-Ed

A curious child Asks her parents how a baby is made She is as curious as a hatched turtle About to swim to the ocean She listens to her mother explain A story of two tiny creatures with wings And goes to the garden and waits for a bumble bee To sting her on her…

A Swing

Swinging to and fro Sweeping to the heavens Is a piece of flat wood  Fastened to a sturdy branch by two towering ropes Where a child sits and let’s go To the brink of ecstasy Where in the simple verve of a smile Rests the inflorescence of innocence In fullest bloom

A Child’s Eyes

Sometimes Irises are like marbles Epitomizing innocence Glittering in the possession Of creatures of love


Between the gleeful smile and torrential tears There is an infinite number of echelons Of unrelenting curiosity As the perennial conquistador Cuts through waters of time With a hoisted sail on his back And a compass of fate in front