In Memory of Sandy Hook (To The Innocent Lives Lost)

Gunshots wounding innocence, When there is a prize to pay for freedom, Like a culture splattered by ballistics, And modern-day cowboys, who kill Unguarded lives, who play on sandpits Or go down mat slides, or even fly kites, The ones who are wronged by the advent of age, To know there is a merciless world … Continue reading In Memory of Sandy Hook (To The Innocent Lives Lost)

Jaffna Children 2

Through the patchwork horizon You hear of rehabilitation and reinstatement of civilians Where they once belonged. And here, you too find, ragamuffins That sweat imbued innocence Grafting the hoodoo of the wind To hover a kite on the Jaffna sky And just a mile ahead, there is an old man A tiger sympathizer, smoking A … Continue reading Jaffna Children 2


Twinkle are little stars Diamonds inside little irises. Only love, incalculable with no formula Resting in one infinity sign And a child’s face is the perfect moon Enumerating innocence, smile it seems Is paying it forward. A beacon with a beam. Love is the only space craft Needed to land on the moon turf. And … Continue reading Childhood

Child Abuse

Child is a little biological curio That is presented to the window shopper And through the darkest hour, the negro nights Of the Gingerbread house The child is fattened for the cull. Like a calf staring at her owner Knowing veal is a delicacy to the distorted mind. And one act is all it takes … Continue reading Child Abuse

Nature’s People

We don’t practice giving back to nature The same one that feeds us, replenishes us and makes us whole. We wait as deforestation and fragmentation Takes away indigenous habitats and native reserves We are blubber-rich in our hearts – the sacred love of oil. We love shale oil mined from the Dakotas And supplied through … Continue reading Nature’s People

A Chat with My Son

I told my son, be kind - it doesn’t cost anything And it gives you something back, called “Karma” So he asked me “What is Karma, Daddy” I told him it’s like when I call your momma “beautiful” And when no one is watching, when you’re fast asleep She gives me snacks and steals sweets … Continue reading A Chat with My Son


Under a leaf of a mulberry plant There was a lone fetus – a cocoon Passing her time, walls as narrow As the thin skin partition between Blood veins and air channels And one day, the cocoon spread her walling panels And made a small orifice, big enough for an exit Wings would now fly … Continue reading Childbirth


Like a paper boat That swims in a mud puddle Or a wooden top that spins On a polished floor Perhaps a gangly skipping rope In the palms of a pig-tailed girl Even some pieces of lego In the hands of a baby boy The many shapes and sizes of toys That are unwrapped and … Continue reading Childhood


Playmate of feeble frames Playing on the stage of god Playing one beautiful role As a waltzing puppet of the playful wind Playing notes of a happy scale - on boyish fervor; A glow radiating from irises And a gale blowing through the heart - When the only player worthy Of her playful antics Is … Continue reading Kite