The Child and the Vulture (Pulitzer Prize winning Photo)

## The skull bones of a child, Soon to see a headstone, or perhaps not. The twilight filled with vultures, callous Eyes like lighthouses, shining a beam And a little girl child, that sparked A photograph. How hopeless Gods are sometimes, even a prayer Gets lost in the open spaces, Between the point of despair … Continue reading The Child and the Vulture (Pulitzer Prize winning Photo)

Our Daughter

I’m the package, If I had a six pack and biceps and triceps, But I’m not, I’m no gym freak Or someone who wants to be Mr Universe Or for that matter Mr Sri Lanka. I’m just a normal guy, who Only wants my woman to see me, Through the lens of a fairy tale … Continue reading Our Daughter

The Black Man in White Shorts

I’m just a black man in southern Georgia As dark as the Coca Cola bottle Or as the corvids ruling a wasteland I’m a contrast on my own right that few ever understand Like the white shorts I’m wearing right now. I’m black power, the zealot in me shouts A livid doppelganger of me next … Continue reading The Black Man in White Shorts

Tree House

The tree house sits on a giant Kottang tree in the backyard. A playhouse, a play pen for a little child And a gadget-rich den for inner-child. It seems What makes a child a dweller inside a tree house, sculpts A man with a little foggy heart, misted in nostalgia Of how once things were, … Continue reading Tree House

My Father, Me, My Child

Sometimes I’m my father. How I resurrect my worries For no reason, looking out of the window To see all sorts of ominous signs; The creeping serpent, the thief Or even that child who is waiting To pounce on the mango tree When I’m not watching. Still What I learnt from my father was order, … Continue reading My Father, Me, My Child

Poem to my unborn son, if you’ll ever be

I’m a boy in a man’s suit Which makes you illegitimate to my statutes of law But age tells me otherwise; That my gametes can swim to any moon. Your mom was a class lady She made me fall for her in so many different ways Love, knee jerks, heart skips Head over heels like … Continue reading Poem to my unborn son, if you’ll ever be


The clock is about to strike 12 And you think of all the possibilities Of the reductionist in you, who will boast Of keeping a resolution till February And that’s about how long a resolution lasts. Before getting marriage, it is usually Not to watch porn, and then you realize After you get married, it’s … Continue reading Resolutions


Twinkle are little stars Diamonds inside little irises. Only love, incalculable with no formula Resting in one infinity sign And a child’s face is the perfect moon Enumerating innocence, smile it seems Is paying it forward. A beacon with a beam. Love is the only space craft Needed to land on the moon turf. And … Continue reading Childhood

Child Abuse

Child is a little biological curio That is presented to the window shopper And through the darkest hour, the negro nights Of the Gingerbread house The child is fattened for the cull. Like a calf staring at her owner Knowing veal is a delicacy to the distorted mind. And one act is all it takes … Continue reading Child Abuse