In Sri Lanka, young girls, learn From middle school onwards, that their bodies Are more sacred than temples, only to be embellished With beautiful things, like a gold ring, Which ushers in, the most breathtaking night, When honey-dips take the form Of body fluids; drool, sweat and sebum Gliding out surreptitiously, as she learns The … Continue reading Butterfly

The Monarch

They search for a new frontier A new land, through the Rockies and the Appalachians Over the thickets and prairies They fly to a mystical land that once belonged to the Aztecs And Mayans, where Avocado trees rise Tall and strong and little Mexicans Make the long mile for a notorious freedom. And they fly … Continue reading The Monarch


The past unfurls and the asphalt paths Seem like scarelet Turkish carpets I guess the peasant I see every day on the mirror Forgot my blood lines, my royalty Of a clement past, I cease to remember And the horror that I can’t seem to forget Fate is not growing wings inside a cocoon It … Continue reading Royalty


  The butterfly dazzles And finds her hermitage On an unruffled leaf When unforgotten Are the times when she was chained And imprisoned until She came of age She rises and falls Flutters, dances and beautifies An otherwise mundane ambient And finds a heavenly dose Of nectar on the base Of a flower, until she … Continue reading Butterfly


Too many long days Spent searching, too many nights Alone masturbating Too many gin and tonics On a lonely bar in the heart of Colombo Making eye-contact At women with oversized glasses Too many dawns Waking up to myself And my favorite pillow Too many beauty pageants Even black-eyed pretenders Way too many doormats Too … Continue reading Butterfly