Kite Dreams (2016) and Driftwood (2017)

My two anthologies of poetry in print, Kite Dreams (2016) and Driftwood (2017), are available at all Sarasavi Bookstores island-wide. So is the Children’s Coloring Book, All Things Color (2017), illustrated by my wife, Michelle Alexander. So far Kite Dreams has sold more than 210 copies, in less than 2 years, since it was launched.

Book Launch – Driftwood and All Things Colour

On the 29th of November, my wife (Michelle) and I, launched two books. They are Driftwood: An anthology of Poems (Dilantha Gunawardana) All Things Colour (Michelle Alexander) [A Coloring Book for Children] The publisher is Sarasavi Publishers. There are many new poems in the book, which are unavailable in the blog. I hope you will…


Gazefullness robbed of lie Held for ransom by iris-apeture Divined by words Of what is perennially loaned To lobes painted in grey and white Smuggling the contraband Of bliss ensheathed in text To the self-confessed owl.

Solitude Of A Book

In a book’s solitude Rests a courtship of two eyes And an intercourse of the mind Where sheer obliviousness colonizes the erect senses As creature and narrator Consummate one legendary act of love Until her final farewell eclipses All of saturated spaces filled with anticipation Dripping in intellectual bliss