A drug, a notorious one at it. The offenders lazy, easy, catapulting, The smiles, pretense, while They find a reason to look Not through a kaleidoscope. How a King had a dream, that played Out on a chessboard. How the earliest one, Kunta Kinte, belonged to the Mandinka tribe. Black men, afro or cornrows, tall … Continue reading Resistance

Martin Luther King

Sandpapering history, Stood as his will, a man, dark As honey, who tried to ferry Across to the other shore, One where there is no distinction Of color or any utterance of slave names, The oar, a dream was, And every stroke that rippled and pushed, On waters of the Mississippi, Too rippled on pages … Continue reading Martin Luther King

Letter to America

Did you see the towering black man Who carried the infant with the finesse and precision, Of a surgeon’s hands? Did you see the love In his face, beaming like a lighthouse, Calling forth the lost ships, To have faith in him, his shining face, That has only, the charity of a smile, To give … Continue reading Letter to America

The Black Man in White Shorts

I’m just a black man in southern Georgia As dark as the Coca Cola bottle Or as the corvids ruling a wasteland I’m a contrast on my own right that few ever understand Like the white shorts I’m wearing right now. I’m black power, the zealot in me shouts A livid doppelganger of me next … Continue reading The Black Man in White Shorts


The days that golliwogs were scarecrows Are gone. Now doves roost Inside golliwog hearts. Onyx Is now valued not for the saturation of color But for the chemistry. There are no More scapegoats for hate, only Clones of Othello, whose hearts Are captured by Desdemonas. And dark is beautiful now, from America to India, where … Continue reading Dilution

Black Pride

You have your roots To the Mandinka tribe in Gambia Chained by the white man, ferried by ship Made to work in a cotton farm for a lowly existence as a slave. And now, you see black pride Everywhere you look. The barber shops, The board rooms, poet laureates, Basketball courts, stages of song and … Continue reading Black Pride

An Inspirational E-mail from the Deep South

There are stories of inspiration That surpass the trendy must-dos Relayed through a click of a button On the information superhighway. And at the other end, lies a black teenager Looking through the prism of time, At the beautiful south that grew a dark courage And painted the white squares, with color. And through the … Continue reading An Inspirational E-mail from the Deep South

The Black Woman

To hell with the white chicks with floral dresses. She’s the devil in bed, a black woman On the back seat of a bus A seat that barely fits her big booty No wonder the black man walks behind his ‘sister’. The brother is in dire hoop pains, In aching need, to molest his palms … Continue reading The Black Woman

Change Of Heart

The KKK clansmen will one day Look at the strange black fruit and think how beautiful The saturation of color is, the hues of ebony Of onyx and grand pianos. And as times change, the black fruit Will transform to the palate of progressive ideals Dizzy Gillespie and the bebop Doing the white bars in … Continue reading Change Of Heart