The Moon Faithful

You look at the moon, just another Selenophile, knowing a history lesson, That Neil Armstrong, leaped On the moon, in just one footstep, That transformed space travel To a new age of discoveries, Still Michael Jackson showed us How to slide backwards, And still be moon walking, A dance more popular than The actual moon … Continue reading The Moon Faithful


A fat roasted chicken Bloated by injected hormones. Kim Kardashian in a negligee Catching the lustful eye. The elephant in a Buddhist temple, A tusker so mammoth in size. The whale on the beach, That carcass touching the eye. In this world of large things We strive to be larger than life, Fact not myth. … Continue reading Big

If (Not the Poem) – A Reality Humor Piece

Another Toastmasters piece I did, for a humor competition. In Sri Lanka, being tall is a curse or a handicap. I mean, when everyone is 5 feet six inches and about you get all sorts of nicknames following you – especially if you have the waist to match. Yep, I had the unfortunate episode of … Continue reading If (Not the Poem) – A Reality Humor Piece