In the pirouetting motionĀ  Of a baleriina Lies a whirlpool of movement Tantalizing the beholder In the vertigo of sheer beauty


How much beauty is found In the nakedness of nature ? How much serenity is found In the euphony of silence ? How much humanity is found In the eyes of a beggar ? Yet how much beauty is unfound Within dungeons of ignorance ?

A Wild Flower

Where the elegance of nature And the craftsmanship of evolution unite To democratize beauty


On the lofty comforts of a peduncle A floral septuplet rests idle In a monastic meditation Amidst the circumambulation Of restless motion As solitude intercalates with saturation To cross-pollinate a grain of beauty In one timeless frame

Aesthetic Beauty

What swindles the naked eye In a fraction, and expands to fill the vacant spaces Germinated in a single glance And cryopreserved within the attics of memory An evangelization polluted by a strain of lust Plaguing the beholder, as elusive possessions longing undressesĀ  A focal point of lucid dreams and opaque fantasies Street food that…

A Stranger Down The Street

Flood gates of emotions Opened by a solitary street beauty A simple ‘hello’ that mirrored anticipation Outfoxed by the retina As two moist lips could do no other Than to rustle in the absence of confluence Dammed by echoing vacancies Of annals of a common history, chapters of time When a new beginning beckoned Only…