The Moon Faithful

You look at the moon, just another Selenophile, knowing a history lesson, That Neil Armstrong, leaped On the moon, in just one footstep, That transformed space travel To a new age of discoveries, Still Michael Jackson showed us How to slide backwards, And still be moon walking, A dance more popular than The actual moon … Continue reading The Moon Faithful

Beyond Beyonce

The glutton of the Gluteus trilogy Was walking behind colorful butterfly wings In symmetrical burlesque float A little rustle that made the eyes poke out And the tongue a little strung to gravity And the ever-glued eyes tried to free themselves From the perfect Gluteus maximus The flutter of bronze trembling the heart And troubling … Continue reading Beyond Beyonce

Freudian Beauty

He saw another face flooding the inner sanctum The reminders that chimera was a story here And through Jekyl and Hyde, he Went through a carousal of samsara in one life One moment, a darling with kindness As the source of an endless river, bending Past majestic rocks, and in another, seated In a corner … Continue reading Freudian Beauty


We judge like Gods Tall is handsome, fair is beautiful Lean is sought-after and brown eyes simply maple We don’t look twice at the dark Or the generous around the waists And the thighs, forgetting the shallowness of skin. Physiognomy is the pear and the apples The avocado and the lemons We are only a … Continue reading Physiognomy


I sometimes feed a gecko On my table – it has mysterious Patchwork skin, perhaps even gecko leprosy And looks like a little monster And sometimes I love his agile feet His scampering footwork And at times he gets too close to comfort When he tongues out rice grains on the table cloth And sends … Continue reading Gecko

Scattering Dreams and Tales (A Free Poetry Book)

Scattering Dreams and Tales Published by 13 poets (3 - 4 Poems Each) Introduction (Done by a fellow poet) This latest collection of poems, our third, can be considered a grace note attached to the full melody to the first two. The title, "Scattering Dreams and Tales," was written to reflect the other two … Continue reading Scattering Dreams and Tales (A Free Poetry Book)

Foolish Love (A Psalm)

In fool's gold Rests the worth of a soul Unpolluted by motive And untainted by gain Estranged from possession And alienated of self Where there is no traffic or clutter Just an empty room Just enough for one soul Where the symmetry of souls And the asymmetry of form Sculpts a blessed union Of what can … Continue reading Foolish Love (A Psalm)