You wonder, how you can describe Autumn to a child. I guess you can always Show a rubber tree, deciduous in December, And brightening up in luminous leaflets, The following April. That is how we see The leaves fall here in Sri Lanka. Still nothing turns gold here. Everything is just as bare as naked … Continue reading Autumn


Foliage in abscission Ants scampering sensing changes In the ambient environment. The days getting shorter, the nights Made for love making, like a broth of soup Heating on a flame. The kites turn in for the season. No more bright fireworks of the orbing sun, The days get lazier and in the night, You shuffle … Continue reading Autumn

Autumn Apples and Pears

We yearn for the summer, to feed Us with sun tan, cricket, a little bit of firewater, A crispy packet of chips, being broken into two On mandibular doormats. And summer, carries the red eye of aero planes Being drunk to the tonsils, dancing to red bull And Pitbull, the revelry of journeying And partying, … Continue reading Autumn Apples and Pears


The combed leaves Makes hairstyles on the ground. And the wind – the comb – arranges Tiers, strata, lines, little formations Of how coronation day Is not just about the crown You will inherit, also the beauty Of the strings. Of leaves. Of hair. Autumn is beautiful. It is when you realize The slogan “age … Continue reading Autumn


When 40s roll You dig deep into your wishing well To look at what glows inside The mutiny of the body equates To the depleting chemicals and what one can think is How to rake in the dough While the mind is summer is a fruit salad The autumnal mind is a perfectly layered pudding … Continue reading Forties


The dark veins and burgundy tapestries Remind you that fireplaces are burning early at dusk And a little corridor of time between sunrise and sunset Is nature’s catwalk, where many line-up Thinned by abscission, wearing brief frocks, The anorexic and the plus size in pret-a-porter. What matters here is not the girth or the number … Continue reading Autumn

Autumn Love

Sometimes, we feel time passing us by, Stuck in a rot, like having a picnic and seeing The grasses around you grow. When time becomes A tick, an echo, a tangibility, you need to look beneath you At the soul’s mirror. Are you the man who germinated From the seed of a dream? Time, slows … Continue reading Autumn Love


They come and go, the sprinkles And the monsoons, the drizzle and the flood We are all memory-gatherers Twigs that kindle the grail of what is yester The pasts that make us tick in the present The laughter of those cheeks that skinny-dipped On a little creek or the kiss that was not meant to … Continue reading Memories

Six Haiku Poems

Fiery Fire danced In a flaming dress As the wind sang First Time Love fruit Ripened to time To pluck Foliage Red dresses In a clearance sale Autumn Star-crossed Lovers Night and day In circadian cycles Romeo and Juliet Ballet of Destruction One ballerina In an endless pirouette Tornado Poya (Full Moon) The full moon … Continue reading Six Haiku Poems