Racism in America

Like a black man with a green book Walking into a rundown ill-lit diner, Where he will be welcomed and given A meal of the Antebellum South. Jim Crow was the way back then, What George Floyd is sadly today. Black men Dance down by the side of the Hudson, The songs of acapella, of … Continue reading Racism in America

Make America Great Again

A country so queer; distant relatives of once bearded Terrorists who caused havoc on 9/11 back in 2001, Run 7-Eleven stores in the heart of New York; Little stores filled with newspapers, cigarettes, Coffee at dawn, chewing gum, random groceries And of course, some ice cream. And while the American dream for some, Is make … Continue reading Make America Great Again

America, America

The acquisitions, Louisiana, Alaska, Texas and so forth, The stripes that are like the Tigers, Ferocious when hungry and no pussy cat, In international affairs. The stars, a reminder that stardust, Is what the American dream is made of. And Gettysburg was leaving behind, A darkness, as dark as the plight of Kunta Kinte. And … Continue reading America, America

The American Dream

## How that square passport picture, Is just a fleeting moment of time.   A snap of a camera, and the trophy on a passport. The freaky Hulk, the super hero in green,   What makes you colorful, colorblind, and color-petty And still you are whipped on the inside,   How you remember what you … Continue reading The American Dream

Einstein and Trump

Two men, who were both defined by their hair, A wacky mental spike or a loose comb-over. They both had a soft spot for Jerusalem.  One was asked to become The president of Israel, and the other Became bosom friend, to this land, Where once Jesus roamed. And still, they both will embellish history. The … Continue reading Einstein and Trump

In San Diego

Here in California, anything can happen, To just about anyone and all you can do Is say jeez, and walkaway, that too, only if you want to.  Meanwhile a muscled Hollywood actor called Arnold, Who later on became governor of state, Who with his strong Austrian accent Says out loud “I’ll Be Back”. While in … Continue reading In San Diego

American Dream

Present drips in to your tongue, Like a cookies and cream ice cream cone. You’re taught to believe that fate promises And yet still, will not deliver. So many Americans have dripped Their tongues to taste the supposed good times, Only to encounter the salty nothingness, What leaves behind a memento, Of how this land … Continue reading American Dream

End Of Innocence

There are roots in the heartland The deep and the unbreakable – like what a good Christian woman Would do when she sees a beggar Holding a signboard asking for a dollar Or a fiber-wrapped chamber Igniting to burn like wildfire – from the depths of the conscience When she comes across a Syrian refugee … Continue reading End Of Innocence