Racism in America

Like a black man with a green book Walking into a rundown ill-lit diner, Where he will be welcomed and given A meal of the Antebellum South. Jim Crow was the way back then, What George Floyd is sadly today. Black men Dance down by the side of the Hudson, The songs of acapella, of … Continue reading Racism in America

Make America Great Again

A country so queer; distant relatives of once bearded Terrorists who caused havoc on 9/11 back in 2001, Run 7-Eleven stores in the heart of New York; Little stores filled with newspapers, cigarettes, Coffee at dawn, chewing gum, random groceries And of course, some ice cream. And while the American dream for some, Is make … Continue reading Make America Great Again

Green Card

Kerala to Las Vegas, Nevada. Lagoons, to a dessert town. The slot machines making Calamitous clanging noises, Of falling bonanzas. While a man goes through A little passage to an immigration officer, Who guards a post, while seated, Letting one man enter inside A narrow aisle, like a coin slipping inside A slot machine. 5 … Continue reading Green Card

A Poem in Canary Literary Magazine

My latest poem to appear in a peer-reviewed journal. Its always nice when you write a biological poem that has relevance to nature and perhaps drives home the message, how vulnerable some species are. The journal is Canary Literary Magazine. Enjoy! http://canarylitmag.org/contents.php#745    

Gay Marriage and Mexican Illegals on this Independence Day of America

  The cramped spaces of a pavement In New York, and to the ghost towns Of Texas. El Paso, where Mexican Illegals arrive and Fargo, North Dakota, reminding us. That there is far to go.   How the news, tells us about The pollution in Flint, while An oil pipeline battles public opinion. As I … Continue reading Gay Marriage and Mexican Illegals on this Independence Day of America

An Ambulance Driver in San Francisco.

How an ambulance driver Speeds past the traffic, in the incoming Lane, no care in the world for the traffic.  The man, whose heart is giving way, His priority No 1. How the roads are now filled With the last great hope, an ambulance, Where so many, see their last ray of light Their last … Continue reading An Ambulance Driver in San Francisco.


Messi and Maradona are superstars From two epochs.While the invisible hand sweeps Through economies, in capitalism.  While knowledge, lives on In encyclopedias, the never ending Collection of facts and numbers, Which includes Maradona, Messi And Adam Smith. “Hand of God”, I type, I get a you tube video of Maradona handling a soccer ball His … Continue reading Epistemology

Hate is A Strong Word (Ode to the Black Man)

One man, Martin, was the reason, That a dream gave African American men, The resource of will, how the black skin tamed,  Millions of ivory sculptures, How heritages were bigger, than the Gambia. Kunta Kinte spelled on a black board, the word “Hate”, and looked at the piece Of limestone in his hand. How easy … Continue reading Hate is A Strong Word (Ode to the Black Man)

America, America

The acquisitions, Louisiana, Alaska, Texas and so forth, The stripes that are like the Tigers, Ferocious when hungry and no pussy cat, In international affairs. The stars, a reminder that stardust, Is what the American dream is made of. And Gettysburg was leaving behind, A darkness, as dark as the plight of Kunta Kinte. And … Continue reading America, America