A Poem in Canary Literary Magazine

My latest poem to appear in a peer-reviewed journal. Its always nice when you write a biological poem that has relevance to nature and perhaps drives home the message, how vulnerable some species are. The journal is Canary Literary Magazine. Enjoy! http://canarylitmag.org/contents.php#745    

The Child and the Vulture (Pulitzer Prize winning Photo)

## The skull bones of a child, Soon to see a headstone, or perhaps not. The twilight filled with vultures, callous Eyes like lighthouses, shining a beam And a little girl child, that sparked A photograph. How hopeless Gods are sometimes, even a prayer Gets lost in the open spaces, Between the point of despair … Continue reading The Child and the Vulture (Pulitzer Prize winning Photo)


The snow that won’t fall easily, Only melt inside our stubborn hearts, Our bodies, crashing like meteors, As the thread between us, Becomes a rope holding us tighter, closer, Day after day, and two gold rings Orbiting two ring fingers, As we let the snow in our heart, melt away. The gradients of warmth that … Continue reading Kilimanjaro

Child Labor

My wife brings home a jar of Nutella From the Supermarket. And each time you spread Nutella You spread billions of acres of melanin Of little boys who work in Cocoa plantations On your conscience. [And that thought suffices to keep you alive] Knowing that something inside of you is eclipsed By child-labor. When a … Continue reading Child Labor

Elephant Graveyard

The tip of a blade Of elephant grass holding on to a dew drop Like an elephant tear, subtle yet tragic Can a photographer capture this? And that tragedy lies in seeing the eye of a poacher The in-bred apathy or the barrel of a gun The out-bred fury and when that dew turns to … Continue reading Elephant Graveyard

African Child

In this dire corner Of the long-forgotten King Solomon’s mines Slender copper varnished bones Draw murky muddy water As an innocent seemingly-attentive Face looks on, unknowing That the umbilical cord of love Is as strong as the rope That carries a bucketful Of rust-toned water And that water When infused and thickened By cells and … Continue reading African Child


When the flame of goodness Is cheered on by a million bonds Of diatomic oxygen Of hearts and souls in perfection harmony Imbued with the burning desire To blaze vestal fires For the bloom of spring. “A person with ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others … Continue reading Ubantu

Mud Slide

Every time you sip A mug of hot chocolate from her frothy brink You feel you’re unconsciously spurring on Child labor in cocoa farms in the Ivory Coast As you find yourself lifted in flavor And drifting in conscience…. And when you slowly bite into A dark Swiss chocolate You feel a lingering bitterness Persisting on … Continue reading Mud Slide

An Ebola Doctor At Death Bed

All I could see Was a dark cloud in front of the window My eyes that could see so much Relegated to a miserly few I couldn't see the sun that smiles like an orb of fire Nor could I see the rainbow Monsoon's miracle through my twin glass panes I was stranded marooned Like … Continue reading An Ebola Doctor At Death Bed