Botany Of Cricket

Recently, the 2015 world cup of cricket ended with Australia coming out on top as the eventual winners beating New Zealand convincingly in the final held in Melbourne, Australia. Although cricket is a game, there is a strong and unbreakable bond between cricket and botany, since whether it is cricket bats  and balls, or the … Continue reading Botany Of Cricket

Climate Change, Commas, Crops and a bit of Cricket

My Entry to Asian Scientist Writing Price. This failed to secure any of the prizes on offer. Shape of an Azospirillum cell under electron microscopy We humans have inherited a turquoise globe that bears an infinite number of life forms, animals, plants and microbes, which are dependent and consequently susceptible to a dynamic atmosphere that … Continue reading Climate Change, Commas, Crops and a bit of Cricket

Short Road Away From Home

Today morning I got to hear that I had failed to get among the prizes of the first Asian Scientist Writing Awards that was hosted by the Asian Scientist Magazine. It was truly a jolt to my senses, as I looked forward to the outcome, to get myself three paces uphill, along the steep ascent … Continue reading Short Road Away From Home

God Illusion and Darwin Delusion

I remember a long time ago, while playing one-to-one basketball with a priest, I asked him, how can a catholic scientist like me, choose between evolution and creationism. To which he answered saying, even for evolution to happen, there should be some minimal level of life available on earth, and that was god’s doing - … Continue reading God Illusion and Darwin Delusion

The Theory Of Everything

We live in a world of theories, some logical, some factual, some ingenious, some plain stupid but one common progenitor cell that unites them all is that they were all once new ideas that set a benchmark or an alternate reflection to a scientific question. In this era, there are discoveries that solve and absolve … Continue reading The Theory Of Everything

Pinocchio’s Web

We live in a world that is fast eroding in ethics, where mainstays of deontology or rule-based ethics have been shattered in to pieces (except for the mightiest of them all – ‘though shall not kill’). It is a good thing though that sin is devalued (with the exception of murder) because we live in … Continue reading Pinocchio’s Web


I remember an episode of Law and Order SVU, where a psychologist infuses truth serum or sodium pentothal and coerces a child to believe that her own father abused her, which leads to the ultimate murder of the father at the hands of two children. The mother who took the children’s side and believed that … Continue reading Coercion/Force

Christianity and Science – The Perennial Paradox

We live in the world where science is strongly incompatible with Christianity, where eminent biology scholars ride on biological phenomena such as evolution to bulldoze the cathedral of Christianity. Christianity, the kind that believes in the impossible and forgives the possible, is now, just like Mary Magdalene, facing a barrage of stones at the hands … Continue reading Christianity and Science – The Perennial Paradox