A scathing loneliness Or a blooming solitude Shining skin tone Or disfiguring craters and scars The perfection of a circle Or a blemished crescent Celestial lantern of the gods Or satellite of a turquoise sphere  Yet in spite of her many aliases She will always be The night’s saving grace And the beholder’s paradise


In the language of evolution In the articulation of DNA Is the script of survival Where the past fades to the art of surrender – mutating to forces of nature For a new lifeform to evolve at the gates of dawn As a turquoise macrocosm is embellished With the solitude of one more palpitation Resonating as life

A Still Night

In the night that knows no sound In the lazy wind that sleeps in nonchalance Is a ballet of stillness on a stage of nature Where providence surrenders To the deepest meditation When passivity diffuses to every vein and tip And solitude infects dwelling places of spirits – In the absence of accompaniment Of a…


In a flowy sundress Is a playful lass Feeding throngs of suitors With a breastful of nectar


Night loomed on open pupils Kites descended on naked dunes of sand Umbrellas folded in to lovers’ wrists As the sun absented the horizon ……… Amidst the loss of color and light Amidst the retreat of man; and the recline of nature Was one redeeming grace In an all-giving act of endearing philanthropy ……… Where…

Return of a POW……….

The strangeness of how it seemed The levity and brevity of a cold handshake Enfeebled by the erosive peel of time And the shadow of betrayal Two friends lost to the Hanoi Hilton and a picket-fenced mansion Divergent in destiny as heaven and hell Yet face-to-face at a rare confluence A clean-shaven man carrying a toddler…

Dissecting Virginity From A Bar Stool

I left the glass on her head Where it had been on the bar ledge Yet stayed on, on the round-top of my bar stool I saw her from the corner of the eye A flaming redhead, with autumn tresses And amber eyes; an unsteady flame in a foggy room That kindled something underneath My…

Five Haiku Poems

Liplock Night and dawn Fed each other in lip In a midnight kiss Hope The night sky  Bathed in sodden darkness Searching for a firefly Chemistry Moon and earth Light and darkness in cohabitation The Taj Mahal Love Portion Tender dewdrops Spiking meadow grass Nature’s aphrodisiac Skinny Dipping Undergarments By a lonely river bank Adam…

A Peddler Of Age

In the opium war Between graphite and rubber Between present-time and past-time Between the riddle of fate and the brittle flame Between evangelization and evanescence Rests a mule of golden numbers and silver linings Carrying beyond borders and borderlands An ounce of nostalgia