Every accident or blueprint Possesses intrinsic beauty Like a kiss that was nestled between two needful lips Or an extension of a palm to a roadside beggar In every event of design or fortune There rests beneath a mortal imprint Sweat-sculpted, love-sketched, conscience-outreached After all the human experience Is what unifies a few billion hearts … Continue reading Mortality


Beyond convoluted labyrinths And shrouded spaces Beyond cosmic possibilities And secrets that lie deep beneath Beyond nuances and gradients of shade And aliases and their logical mimicries Beyond the long meandering road home And the frequent roadblocks Beyond the tipping point of unreason And the reigns of sensibility Beyond the sanity of the known And the … Continue reading Science

Monsoon Feeling (2)

Pink and yellow in stripes and bands On a twilight sky sprinkled with light Kites hovering in the distance Waltzing with the veering wind A rainbow arches beyond the visible horizon As if to pave a highway of nostalgia To monsoons of yesteryear When rain water splashed on window panes As if to eavesdrop on lovers  … Continue reading Monsoon Feeling (2)

A Troupe Of Elephants

Giant feet plodding on porous crumbling soil Journeying south where no man can spoil On a corridor of green down a strait of life No man to moan nor any residue of strife ......... Giants and dwarfs in assorted bliss Where trumpets lift and born is the trace of a kiss Mother and calf, on … Continue reading A Troupe Of Elephants


A scathing loneliness Or a blooming solitude Shining skin tone Or disfiguring craters and scars The perfection of a circle Or a blemished crescent Celestial lantern of the gods Or satellite of a turquoise sphere  Yet in spite of her many aliases She will always be The night's saving grace And the beholder's paradise