Teaching a Teenager the Concept of Life Ahead

Love chooses "the one" It is then when you see your Own world, smaller than the The one in front that presses Upon you in convergence. Life is the anarchy of hope, It is fulfillment of what hangs In there, it is the organic tenure, Until the inorganic fate. It is crushing a pimple & … Continue reading Teaching a Teenager the Concept of Life Ahead


There’s a 1993 film called “Come or Go Chicago” A frivolous comedy starring a comedian Freddy Silva. I can’t help but wonder what that saying means, Chicago, the birth place of the skyscraper The throngs of Nobel Prize winners, A university that demands respect, And the place of the doomsday clock. Evidence that life comes … Continue reading Chicago


The underside of happiness, Like a floored piece of bread, Carries little microscopic microbes, With strong pedigree, And an endurance that grows, Just like on an agar plate with nutrients, Until there is a watershed moment, A paradigm shift, a miracle, How a little ant becomes A butterfly, and the bread Crumb, becomes nectar. The … Continue reading Sadness

What if Making Love was like a Game of Chess.

What if making earth-shattering love, Was like a game of strategic chess.    You will become soft waves, Of domination and submission,   The knight saddling, the bishop diagonally holy, The queen going here and there,   Sacrificing herself like a pawn, The gambit of her slender lustful body.   And what else, but two … Continue reading What if Making Love was like a Game of Chess.


## The Dog, The Dawg. The dog breeds men are. Those who go from doing doggy business, Styling as done in the doggy manual, Always letting the dog out loose. Now lazing on an armchair, Newspaper in his trusted palms, Reading today’s news. He reads how the Political dogs are going on, Doing doggy business, … Continue reading Retirement

A Poet During Night And Day

I stumble my way now, In my sabbatical away from work. A man, whose daylight hours Are spent under a roof. And the sun, Helios, I see him outside, Still not summoning me. If I was white, I would be seated On a beach chair, getting a suntan. The sun it smiles people say, The … Continue reading A Poet During Night And Day

Refugees to Canada

## There are no more green cards. No more funnels, or bottle necks,   That hated man, shutting the gate, And prolonging the refugees’ misery   And on top of America, is a young man, A liberal, making enough room in welfare,   To absorb 25000 refugees. What is like, The sun, which gives free … Continue reading Refugees to Canada

Kissing and Praying is what Republicans do

What sticks to you like spandex, Are your set ways as a republican; like saying A silent prayer doing 100 miles per hour,  On the freeway, or kissing my wife Just for the sole reason she is there Right in front of you. You are a republican, The kind some people love to hate, and … Continue reading Kissing and Praying is what Republicans do


A dog chasing his tail, Going round and round Maddened by the very thing That wags, when given a bone. And just like the wheel of samsara, Is the dog chasing his furry and stumpy tail, Revolutions of extant life, to meet The tail end of the universe, The other end, Playing a silly game, … Continue reading Nirvana