A Short Novel

Something I never completed. This was back in 2009, when my whole world came tumbling down. Preamble Dagawa knew his plight too well. He was the first prototype of a prisoner of war in the reenacted rivalry between the angels, temporally holding revolvers and grenades and not their accustomed harps and chalices and demons, who … Continue reading A Short Novel

The Boca Boys

Argentina will always be a soccer mad nation which has produced a host of sporting sons from Maradona to Messi. Soccer always had and will hold iconic status in this country and of course the sporting superstars from the Tango capital will always be catapulted from the locality of Boca Juniors to a thrilling international … Continue reading The Boca Boys


In the reenactment Of the oldest act of them all When the gates at the garden of Eden Brought a smile to Adam’s face As Eve proclaimed the blissful existence of God Is but a stage for thespianism Where actor and actress are immortalized in reel And replayed on a stranger’s eyes As a child’s … Continue reading Pornography


Every accident or blueprint Possesses intrinsic beauty Like a kiss that was nestled between two needful lips Or an extension of a palm to a roadside beggar In every event of design or fortune There rests beneath a mortal imprint Sweat-sculpted, love-sketched, conscience-outreached After all the human experience Is what unifies a few billion hearts … Continue reading Mortality

A Lesson in Sex-Ed

A curious child Asks her parents how a baby is made She is as curious as a hatched turtle About to swim to the ocean She listens to her mother explain A story of two tiny creatures with wings And goes to the garden and waits for a bumble bee To sting her on her … Continue reading A Lesson in Sex-Ed

Going Viral (The ‘V’ (viral) Generation)

I couldn't control The tachycardia or the rush of energy Lost to a frenzy of likes - on a facebook post I was the face of a generation - the jewel among selfies I was carried by the relentless tide of fame With no bearings or sense of location I had finally gone viral Remembered … Continue reading Going Viral (The ‘V’ (viral) Generation)

Marriage Bed

You are the lighthouse  That withstood the tempests and the brine And held my gaze from far at sea Lighting up a path of water to your landing cove Where I disembarked from my travels And pledged to build a cottage by the sea Where you and I can embark on a million journeys With … Continue reading Marriage Bed