In the reenactment Of the oldest act of them all When the gates at the garden of Eden Brought a smile to Adam’s face As Eve proclaimed the blissful existence of God Is but a stage for thespianism Where actor and actress are immortalized in reel And replayed on a stranger’s eyes As a child’s … Continue reading Pornography


Every accident or blueprint Possesses intrinsic beauty Like a kiss that was nestled between two needful lips Or an extension of a palm to a roadside beggar In every event of design or fortune There rests beneath a mortal imprint Sweat-sculpted, love-sketched, conscience-outreached After all the human experience Is what unifies a few billion hearts … Continue reading Mortality

Aging In Imperfection

I left you............ Your innocence - that I could have easily pounced on Your nubile lips that taste strange from a distance And your flawless irises that leap towards me Yet I'm a man enfeebled by your absence Lingering like a lonely cactus in a dessert Soaked of the succulence of love Hoping that the … Continue reading Aging In Imperfection

Strange Foreign Beauty

Strange you are Like the Samaritan woman Your kindness that pacified my tender womb Fluttering with colorful butterflies And gravitated my wretched heart You, the strange foreign beauty Who ushered in an undying patience Holding my fingers like a cradle in your palms Until I slithered away, in panic and awe Where coyness and fear … Continue reading Strange Foreign Beauty

Treatise on Lust

Like a henchman I subscribed to my ideology A rose that blushes gluttoned on anthocyanins Lust filled me - only to drain me The master in need of a fix Beautiful wings of fluttering butterflies That settle on my crowning rosette A victim of salvation; of echoes of earth-shattering freedom Holding on to the vigor … Continue reading Treatise on Lust

Sleeping with a Bipolar Woman

I wait......... For the moon to rise every twilight Your selenic eyes that cry out for me And your body that searches for me And your soul that cradles me As I linger on as a perennial moon gazer, in my night vigils Unstitching every thread of you Making love to every inch of you … Continue reading Sleeping with a Bipolar Woman