Courage to be Good

The dare that few brave.

Courage that towers over cowardice.

Mandela awoke one dawn to the epiphany

Of seeing the white man not as a racist or the enemy,

But an ally for a mutual goal: a colorblind society.

Mother Theresa saw ostracized lepers with melting skin,

The abominable shadows of castes, the stoic apathy

Of the stonewalled masses. Jesus spent time getting

To know kind hearted prostitutes with a heart of gold,

Tax collectors with a true change of heart,

And good Samaritans who were taller, lankier

Than the ethnic walls we erect. The lesson

Here is that for every 99 cowards, there

Is one brave man. Don’t you know

You daft silly man, that the truly brave ones,

Draw their pristine pluck, their undying courage,

Not from a shallow mud puddle,

But from a bottomless well.

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