A Moral World that Stands for Love

I was telling a catholic priest yesterday,

How immoral the world is now and they

Are languishing in fear to call a spade a spade.

Pre-marital sex in catholic ideology will always be a sin.

I the man who kissed a woman for the

First time on my 38th bday will always stay true to

The catholic principles of life, knowing that

God believes in the righteous eternity

Than the immoral mile. Live in relationships

They ruin the concept of marriage,

The romanticism of gifts, irrespective of

Blindness to one creature or a ribbon-wrapped self

Gifting the best of two worlds – love and lust.

Like a fisherman, men go into catch-filled waters

Searching for muses for one night, perhaps for

One year, for the scandals of the flesh.

Love means that marriage is the greatest sacrament

That is worthy of an incurable syndrome, to

See another bigger than oneself. The sweet tooth

Of a body that sees darkness for what it is – sin

And pays not the rent but the eternal mortgage.

Love, is not just a road show only a bridge

Without flanking shores. We are indebted to seeing

The world through another’s cataract lens,

To see one self as a fisherman not treading

Into a world full of gilled-catch, only the

Pacific ocean big enough for one special creature,

That transforms a manatee-next-door into

A divine goddess who stood like cinderella

With a glass shoe, and let the prince take her in

To transform her cinder, not just as

The tinder of a transient flame, but the

Nagging recluse feeling that begins lust in

A match stick moment; still how

Beautiful it is, that what lies concealed beneath

The veined fig leaf has a religiosity,

That you have the power from within you,

To efface the stance of scandalous sin for good,

By the gratuity – and sincerity – of love in its apotheosis,

The china that becomes the cement

Between two vulnerable souls,

Capsized together by leprechaun haloes

Sculpted in the finest gold.

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