Who is to blame?

Who is to care for the forever-after-in-a-coma? Who is to redeem the eyes that bleed salt? Who is to mend the china heart? Who is to blame for the perfect storm? And the lighthouse that is far beyond? Who is to blame for the stadium that became A refuge after sieging Katherina? Who is the … Continue reading Who is to blame?

Racism in America

Like a black man with a green book Walking into a rundown ill-lit diner, Where he will be welcomed and given A meal of the Antebellum South. Jim Crow was the way back then, What George Floyd is sadly today. Black men Dance down by the side of the Hudson, The songs of acapella, of … Continue reading Racism in America

Eulogy for Trees

There are gravestones, each different From the other; the surf board wood, The furniture wood, the cinnamon bark The vanilla extract, the king coconut fruits, And many more. Even the old school botanists Are to blame for separating with little meaning, Like the colonials did in southern Africa. Every tree carries paired opposing lungs, Crowded … Continue reading Eulogy for Trees