Teaching a Teenager the Concept of Life Ahead


Love chooses “the one”
It is then when you see your
Own world, smaller than the
The one in front that presses
Upon you in convergence.

Life is the anarchy of hope,
It is fulfillment of what hangs
In there, it is the organic tenure,
Until the inorganic fate.
It is crushing a pimple &
Hoping that it won’t leave a mark,
Knowing that every deed,
Leaves behind a footprint.

It is the cigarette that gave
You a respite before class.
It is the condom in your wallet
That looks for a fix.
It is your bad habits that
Brought you good days.

It is the discovery of testosterone
To find the the muse
Of estrogen. It is the firefly
That turns into the sun.
It is the blinding.

You live on the mercury
Of your emotions. It only
Takes a ray of burn,
To bring down the avalanche,
To bury you. So fight dirty.

& get ready for the ride of your life.
Make God your rickshaw driver.
Make destiny the road ahead.
Make love, the headlights.
And still live with the hunger
Of a stray dog, and live
On the scraps.

Turn your returns like how
You turn a key for a door to open.
Don’t you know that God
Helps those who help themselves.

& remember this;

The secret to a good marriage
Is treating every passing day,

Like its your prom night.

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