Make America Great Again


A country so queer; distant relatives of once bearded
Terrorists who caused havoc on 9/11 back in 2001,
Run 7-Eleven stores in the heart of New York;
Little stores filled with newspapers, cigarettes,
Coffee at dawn, chewing gum, random groceries
And of course, some ice cream.

And while the American dream for some,
Is make America Great Again,
For the migrant, it is graduating
From a hot dog stand, to a 7-Eleven store,
Where the only thing to be scared
About is an angry redneck, with a rifle in hand,
Holding up a Pakistani student, asking him
To empty the cash box.

And after the close ordeal with death,
The student starts to miss Lahore,
Friday prayers, Karahi made of goat meat,
& street cricket. How the American
Dream made him come here, a student
At CUNY, who looks at an ethnic jungle
And listens to Alicia Keys.

“Great” means transcending human weakness;
How Alexander was great,
How Lincoln was the great emancipator,
Reagan was the great communicator, and
Ali, the all time greatest.

While the young man looks at
President Trump fuming on CNN news,
When he realizes that the word “Great”
Has a place now, among the rising cacti,
Speeding road runners, and dusty roads.

President Trump wont be eating
His words anytime soon,

America will soon have its
Own great wall…!

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