Green Card

Green Card

Kerala to Las Vegas, Nevada.
Lagoons, to a dessert town.
The slot machines making
Calamitous clanging noises,
Of falling bonanzas.

While a man goes through
A little passage to an immigration officer,
Who guards a post, while seated,
Letting one man enter inside
A narrow aisle, like a coin slipping inside
A slot machine. 5 minutes later, the man
Walks out of a busy airport,
To the falling snow.

While the heart convinces the mind,
That the falling snow, is too
A windfall, after all, for 26 long
Years in India, you’ve been
Waiting for a white Christmas.

The man looks at a sky, with no agenda
Of seeing a sleigh, or reindeer,
Only the falling snow. How beautiful for God,
To make Gaia, a bride every winter,
As he hopes that, Uncle Sam too,
Will be as magnanimous, as Santa Clause,
Far from a mean and sinister miser,
Like Krampus.

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