Await Book No 3 – “Rewiring Destiny”….and perhaps No 4

Yes, the clock is now ticking…..


My third anthology “Rewiring Destiny” should be out at some point in 2019. It has, between 80-110 poems, of which 80%, are novel ones. I no longer write solely for the blog, since I would like to put my poems out, in print.  There are free style poems, rhyming ones, compilations of modern haiku, and sonnets, in this anthology of poetry.

“Rewiring Destiny” originates from my accidental entrance into poetry (a completely Rewired Destiny of being the quintessential accidental poet) and my thirst now, to write as many poems as possible, and collect them as anthologies in print.

Sarasavi Publishers will once again be, the local publishers, and will be responsible for the printing, distribution, and sales of the book. I will also be aided by Pawprint Publishers who will be providing the English language editing services for the anthology.

As for my audience – without whom, I will not have the courage/motivation to write poetry – I will put a message, and a link up, to let you know, how to purchase the book (if you are interested that is). Please do support me, as you have done before.

I also have a book of 500 Modern Haiku poems, that may or may not get published, in 2019. It requires an intervention by a suitable publisher, since there is a very small market in Sri Lanka for Haiku poems. I’m in the process of finding a suitable publishing partner for this project, both locally and internationally.

Here are some Haiku poems from the book.

  1. Sun

An orb of fire, who returns,

To a dungeon hideout,
Every fall of night.


2. Solitary Moon


An endearing satellite.

A colluded place of God and Man,

Apollo and Armstrong.


3. Dwarf


One who could hide

Beneath a table, a desk or a bed,

As too behind clouds


4. Witch
The only kind of humans,

With a prominent nose anatomy,

Than poor Pinocchio.


5. Wedding Decor


A salmon pink colored Zinnia,

A sought-after wedding flower,

As rare as a virgin bride.


6. Halloween


How yellow pumpkins,

Grow glowing eyes in November,

After a surgical brain-ectomy.


7. Kiwi fruit


A Chinese gooseberry,

Little seeds inside a green mantle,

Garnishing a Pavlova.





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