Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Elon Musk


There are places like the stones of Stonehenge,
Older than most sights and structures,
Made of the mortal and the divine. 
While Golgotha, is the place, where one man,
picked a rugged cross and climbed
up a hill, while whips cracked like flames.
In one sacrifice, which only counted to three days
Inside a coma, a man showed,
To countless others, that death
Could be defied.

While 300 years after, in a place called Nicea,
they chronicled his life, in a black book,
and gave a city of seven hills,
a conscience, to guard over mankind,
which is now battling the rise of able contenders,
like Buddha and Confucius, who are hot on Jesus’s heels.
As you wonder, how easy it is to
wipe out a man, who preaches a clever sermon.
How Jesus, stood finally on a cross,
becoming the king of the Jews.

How modern day sin, is like doing the limbo,
the bar keeps getting lower and lower,
while Stonehenge seems like a place,
from where, Jesus rose, like a space ship,
vertically gaining in altitude, passing
the celestial aura, we call an exosphere.
while heaven, looks from a distance,
like the rugged rust-colored landscape of Mars,
waiting for the arrival of its first son,
that man, Elon Musk.

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