How graduation in education,
Is going up a scale, while in love, it is
A staircase down a dungeon, 
From first base curiosity,
To second base fumbles,
To third base in the backseat
Of a car, while fourth base awaits
With palm prints and talon marks.

While an advertisement with Kim
Kardashian, comes on a TV,
Inside a gay nightclub.
Just imagine, the music rocking,
Men anchored on other men,
And the few, who are looking at the screen
Wandering what the fuss is about,
Kim Kardashian.

How little we know about
The wiring of a gay man, who
Loves a flat tushy, when straight
Men drool, gazing at Kim. Still they both
Cup tushies; how beautiful that a man can hold
Another man in a dance floor,
While the straight man, dreams
Of Kim, what Kanye gets
To do to her.

It is never about the
Front or the behind, with Kim;
They are both extraordinary.
Only, there are things, that happen to a body
When you see Kim, face or poopy-face,
Selfie or belfie, facial bones or tushy cheeks.
How beautiful, that remote aesthetic beauty,
Can do, what the presence of matter,
Cannot; they kindle dreams,
You carry to your grave.

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