Honeymoon (A Rhyming Poem)


Shoddy we are like, the fox or crow
Baking in the aftermath of one’s afterglow
The bed shaked, the gods were invoked
Sequel of love, that began in lingerie floored

God, a remembrance of a hotel room tabernacle
How you can never change, a bedroom oracle
Poor baby doll, too big for poor little Barbie
And yet so beautiful, on my bride, my beauty.

How she screamed, waking up the neighbors
From sparks of combustion to a body of embers
A honeymoon bed, finally the birds and bees
My bride looking photogenic, “Say Cheese”

While the bed rocked, the waves crashed
She looked at me, like a tramp musically trashed
The whore, that stood on a loft on my hull,
To volunteer her lips, to the nemesis of dull

While we stood, the roof in our eyes,
Like teenagers, in moments of American Pies
How the moment came, not too abrupt or soon
I had a wicked smile, she was the moon

Love, oh sweet Jesus, the death and the rise
Like a eucharist at mass, broken and arise
How our bodies were dipped in the sweetest wine
Macerated like two grapes, until cloud nine

How like swans we were, she in her negligee,
As red as our faces, as the goosebumps we slay
Like a fight to the death, dancing in caramel stitch
A broom took us home, like a beautiful witch

The sadness, post-coital, the lovers’ blues
How sad that its over, the first time, in beautiful hues,
I stood next to my wife, awakened by an epiphany
How Hurcan stormed, as I jumped from a balcony

The many places that only love can take two,
The positions, geometries, mutating like the flu
How love turns to your lungs, floating like a paper hull,
Only to sink, like the Titanic, chilling to a beautiful lull.

The boy I was, and the man I stormed to, in bed
A moment of losing one’s cherry, a body’s watershed,
I flooded, what only lies in the middle of dunes,
A camel toe, yodeling the “looniest” tunes.

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