The broke man pockets a lottery, Every time, dawn rises, with an orb of fire, Aurora’s surprise, light’s epiphany, Crossing a crack in a curtain, How the crow is now cawing, On an electricity line. Ominous you could say. While the magpie and the myena, search for seeds Like I am, tiny seeds to renew … Continue reading Resilience

A Bacon Man

I say jeez, and let my teeth Break the extra crispy bacon. How heaven is it, the blend Of pig flesh and fat, on a frying pan. Perhaps I should have said, sweet Jesus, How taste is an epiphany, Like love or lust, a sudden realization That something is turning gold. How genius, for man … Continue reading A Bacon Man

A Love Poem of Remembrance

  How lichen covered gravestones Hide fossilized human debris,   Bones that clattered next To the permafrost, as the winter   Ends and spring begins. Snowdrops flowering at will   And summer happens. I stumble to a yard, with our dog,   Walking through a dandelion Field, uprooting tiny yellow blooms   As I run … Continue reading A Love Poem of Remembrance