A Lesson in Papadums

The pimple, the tennis ball The planet earth, the ascendency of spheres, How from a full stop to planet Jupiter,  There are ball-shaped sculptures Everywhere you look. From the miniature, to the giants. While a single favorite of children And adults alike, papadums, Tell you that the world is divided, Between the flat earthers, Like … Continue reading A Lesson in Papadums

If I stood on a stage in Stockholm

Oh, how dynamite moments, Fill a hall in Stockholm, Sweden. Tagore stood there in 1912  While pretenders of the pinnacle, Are shy of what it takes, to catapult, From a slum in Chennai, To that stage in Stockholm. How that little house made of cheap timber, With roofs that blow away, to the storm, Will … Continue reading If I stood on a stage in Stockholm

Border Crossing to the US (Poem)

Every midnight, it trickles to 12.01 AM, A new day, dark as an apocalypse. I’m sleeping on a bundled shirt, a makeshift pillow, No pajamas, only fresh clothes after a wash. How as I awake, breath comes first, The smell of pollen, rocky earth and petrichor, Sight comes next, the eye lids Letting in light, … Continue reading Border Crossing to the US (Poem)