Gay Marriage and Mexican Illegals on this Independence Day of America

The cramped spaces of a pavement
In New York, and to the ghost towns
Of Texas. El Paso, where Mexican
Illegals arrive and Fargo, North Dakota, reminding us.
That there is far to go.
How the news, tells us about
The pollution in Flint, while
An oil pipeline battles public opinion.
As I ponder how the bald eagle
Got a combover. I will tell
You that democracy for all, is about
Equals, and their moments of equilibria,
Like the rainbow trout, who learn to swim,
Against the river’s flow.
How the ghost of David Crockett
Lives like the stubborn cacti of a barren land.
When men, saddled on dreams
Make the migration across,
Knowing democracy of your senses,
Is the most profound truth out of them all.
Who you taste, who you gaze at, who you hear out,
Whose equilibration gives,
You the greatest sense of giving,
To a cause of the heart.
A man, a David “Crocket”,
Looking up at a Goliath institution,
Searching for a way to defend,
His heart’s Alamo.