God and Love

Tower Landmark Eiffel Tower France Paris Eiffel

I feel water splashing on my palms.
I drink from a reservoir on a palm
With no hesitation or worry. 
How rainwater thrushes against my dryness
Making me, a sponge of sorts.
Like chunks of tofu in a soup,
A heart capable of love.

God leaks from the strangest places
Not just from the heavens.
Drool down a baby’s mouth,
Water down through a gargoyle,
Salt down a tear duct.

Even rainwater falling inside
A bloom of tulip, near the Eiffel tower;
The wetness of a woman’s lady parts,
In the shadow of man’s most tangible creation,
To symbolize God’s one magnum opus,
Resting now as the moisture,
Of a puddle, on petals.

Genuflection to an alter kiss,
The armor that slowly unbuckles,
The gradual erosion of semblances
To the weathering of bodies,
The loosening nails that cannot,
Hold all in place anymore,
The creaking noises, to the culmination,
A hull deconstructing into,
Strips of driftwood.

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