Messi and Maradona are superstars
From two epochs.While the invisible hand sweeps
Through economies, in capitalism. 
While knowledge, lives on
In encyclopedias, the never ending
Collection of facts and numbers,
Which includes Maradona, Messi
And Adam Smith.

“Hand of God”, I type,
I get a you tube video of
Maradona handling a soccer ball
His arms flung in the air.
Diego we learn his first name is,
Which is similar to Santiago
The main character in a
Hemmingway novel “Old Man and the Sea”.

Diego to Santiago,
Those names etched on youtube
Or inside modern classics, will go on,
As two names, that both mean James.
How the old world is overthrown by the new.
How Christopher Columbus had
The blessing of a namesake saint,
St Christopher, the patron saint of travellers.
While Amerigo Vespucci,
Gave birth to a country, America.

How the new world colonies, what
Began in Jamestown in 1607, lives on even today.
How it is now, in modern day Virginia,
Symbolizing Mary who became the Madonna
While in a different latitude,
In a different place in time,
Was Diego Maradona’s goal,
Both, ably assisted,
By the supreme hand of God.

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