A Tribute to My Dad on Father’s Day


I let my dad kiss me on the cheek.
As I gave him a brand new
Titan watch. He looked
At the divisions on the face
All in Roman Numerals,
A reminder that he was from another,
Time and universe.

We had fried chicken for lunch.
Home-made KFC which
I saw him eat eagerly. I was wondering how
Soon will it will be before,
His teeth start falling,
Or he has a murmur in the heart
While he develops Alzheimers.

He also had a trail of money
Leading up to him. The times he pumped gas
Into my car, or gave me a loan,
Or paid for my book launches
And of course, my wedding.
How dad, is a fad that never
Goes out of fashion.

How liquid is love, whose
Flood gates are always open,
A man whose only investment
Was time, which like evolution
Chiseled the man I became,
How he was no paternal sea horse,
Or a lion with a mane, who roared often, only a man,
Who gave me a balding head,
And a chest-ful of hair, showing that what matters
Is the not the insulation of the mind
Only the heart, which lies
Below skin, ribs, intercostal muscles,
And fatty deposits, and tells
Me that the furry chest, I inherited, from my dad,
Was for a reason – the fur that stands
And sleeps, in its two forms
Of thermoregulation.

My dad tells me, how the heart is the moon,
And all the other organs are stars,
And any supernova, will spell doom.
While I look at him, older
Than he has ever looked, knowing
I too will reach that age one day. I hope
To God that I have 20 more years
Of my dad, the stents, the dentures
And catheters, anything to see
You seated on a chair, ALIVE.

How keeping you alive, is my business,
To know that your senses are alive,
To see, smell, hear me, as I
Look at my father, looking
At the watch I gave him, a quiet
Pleasure, gazing at ticking time,
On a Titan watch, fit for a Titan.
My father’s wrist embellished,
With a shiny object, that measures time,
Knowing deep down, there was a time,
I used to be reliant on his pocket money,
The hundreds of rupees gifted by my father,
And the cents, I used to return back,
As short-changed love.

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