A team of researchers in Malawi
Once found in a study, that the famished, have
A higher rating of enjoyment for food.

How when the main meal is done, you
Could feel, a little bloated, still
Wishing for a divine intervention
Of some rich Watalappan.

How hunger, is not merely a physiological
Need but also our gastronomical search,
To experience the culinary wonders

How we are not merely animals on the prowl,
Too intelligent, too sophisticated, too precise,
To know that taste, by itself, is formidable.

A jaggery pudding, richer than most,
Sinks the collectivity of our teeth and tongue,
Knowing one is no longer famished,

Only the epicurean, letting
Go of the beast’s mouth – one’s sweet tooth -,
That turns it to a breathtaking beauty,
In sheer sensation, and sensitivity.

How very spoonful of Watalappan is different,
In the beautiful unorthodoxy of sprightly nutmeg,
On a seemingly candid forum of jaggery,

It’s like making love with your lips,
To a new bride, every night,