The Pocket Money Trail


Toffees and Chupa chups
Lollipops to popsicles, a Mars bar and a Coca Cola,
A gadget for your BMW bicycle
An old stamp for your stamp collection,
A super hero photo, Superman
Or should I say Henry Caville, and one day hitting 18,
He buys three condoms from the pharmacist,
One to practice, the second to perfect, the third, to
Make any possibility go away, of contacting
A golden Egg or a multi-drug resistant Gonorrhea,
How a boy, knows not moderation, at 18,
The more he gets of cheap girls and
Cheaper alcohols, the better it is for him.
As long as he gets to make selfies,
With every one of his self-evidentiary vices,
And advertise them on facebook,
Knowing that when you’re that young,
Its all about that one word “Cool”.

That belief that you’re the idol
Of your generation, the fashion guru,
The entourage around you, and your nonchalance,
As if to show, you care little, how caring is for the sissies,
And the first salary you earn,
When you realize that money, is
A luxury, when you remember, the piggy bank you owned,
The one, you smashed with a hammer,
Not knowing, money grows bigger with you.
And one day, you will sit inside,
A brand new Subaru Forester,
A vehicle that becomes a man’s eagerly anticipated toy.
As he looks back in time, at the Monopoly Set,
The BMX Bicycle, the Titan Watch.
And how the dinky car, that graduated
To a four-wheel drive.

“Broom Broom” you used to shout,
Holding that little red dinky car,
Now “Broom Broom”, the toy roars into action.
Your face, now 30 year after,
Holding the same kiddish smile, testimony
That unlike the many graduation caps,
You earned, along the way, some things
Remain as they are, incapable
Of being outgrown, or modified
Or given an upgrade. His latest toy,
A mint-green four wheel drive,
The face of a 40s man turning to a boy again,
Looking at the speedometer,
Clocking a hundred.

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