A Fox’s Wedding


How when the sun
Coincides with the rain in Sri Lanka,
It is called a Fox’s wedding,
While the slogan “Melbourne weather”
Tells us that sun and rain,
Can spring on the same day.

While unlike the pessimistic
Sri Lankan, who will complain
About the weather, an optimistic white woman
Somewhere in North Carolina,
Sees beauty all around her,
How she sees a tan complexion
On her skin, and mud puddles
For her daughter, to float paper boats.

How we learn from
The bittersweet, like the marmalade
On a piece of toast, and an orange pekoe tea,
And a piece of bitter cheese,
When you suddenly have the urge,
For a spontaneous selfie,

How you have crowded yourself with
Marmalade, tea and cheese,
Each one an indulgent limbo,
All part of an English breakfast,

When an empty plate with a few bread crumbs,
Testifies that the stomachs are now full,
While the last sip of sugar-concentrated tea,
Sweetens your mouth,

In the hour of atonement.

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