Not Your First Love

Love 3

Love is always candid in expression,
Like two halves, that become fuller.
The Venn diagram that overlaps
At the center, where a common
Kiss, rests in second bloom. How beautiful,
If both of us had the same
Number of lovers in our histories,
As I look at you, knowing
Someone else knew, what I now feel often,
And I look at your body, how you look ravishing in
Your naked stitch. I was the virgin and you were
The “+1”, how that formula will always be like that,
What I don’t hold against you
In any way, knowing, that what you gave to me was
The closest thing to unadulterated
White sugar, with no molasses, and yet,
Just as I was about to culminate, our first night together,
I saw a ghost of a man, who was inside of you,
Like a Nerudesque poem of love,
Wondering, will I ever be that good,
As I see every nail out of a wooden hull,
Coming off, one by one,
And your sail hoisted high, like a whaler,
Whose deck is full of blood, a sperm whale
On your deck, bigger than mine,
And I lost to a purgatory of thought,
Not knowing how to measure up to your past.
I hang on to you, firmer than God,
And yet, a man pollutes you, my love,
The prequel I can never own,
The story of spring, that season, when women leave
Their skipping ropes and flowery frocks, to become
Like a Venn diagram, the pristine
Beauty of you, I could never possess; not
In a lifetime. While the visual gets clearer by the second,
As I see two horny unicorns in the back seat of a car,
Converging like in a coat of arms,
Holding onto an interface, until they both
Fall to earth, turning in a flash,
To two obese Rhinos.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Natalie Swift says:

    What a beautifully written piece! ❤
    Looking forward to reading more from you, Dr. Dilantha!

  2. Hi Natalie, Thank you for your two comments. Please call me Dilantha. You don’t need to address me with the Dr tag. Best Wishes, Dilantha

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