A Glimpse of a Thong


One of my favorite pastimes when I was in Australia, a thong playing peekaboo. Gosh wasn’t that a craze back in 2000-2005.

Beautiful is, 
That song called the “Thong Song”,
That went up the charts,
Similar to how strings of fabric,
Go up and above,
Two beautiful muscles, Two Gluteus Maximus,
In the middle of an amphitheater,
A woman, who lets
A mammal out of her
Plunging pants.

Beautiful to see
A whale tail emerge,
Over the blue, the denim blue waters,
While a climbing item of clothing,
Lets out, the omnipresent truth,
Of how the mirror line,
Of two fold symmetry,
Is just as beautiful,
As your eyes scavenging,
The tantalizing beauty,
Of the crack,
Of dawn.