Not Your First Love

Love is always candid in expression, Like two halves, that become fuller. The Venn diagram that overlaps At the center, where a common Kiss, rests in second bloom. How beautiful, If both of us had the same Number of lovers in our histories, As I look at you, knowing Someone else knew, what I now … Continue reading Not Your First Love

Jumping Photos on Social Media

Did you know that Facebook posers Who jump in the air, all limbs flung to the open, Are almost caught doing, a flying Pas de chat in ballet, the step of the cat. How we like to be, like everyone else, Jumping for the mobile phone, To catch you, an albatross-like wingspan, Diving back to … Continue reading Jumping Photos on Social Media

A Glimpse of a Thong

One of my favorite pastimes when I was in Australia, a thong playing peekaboo. Gosh wasn’t that a craze back in 2000-2005. Beautiful is,  That song called the “Thong Song”, That went up the charts, Similar to how strings of fabric, Go up and above, Two beautiful muscles, Two Gluteus Maximus, In the middle of … Continue reading A Glimpse of a Thong